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Biden’s Approval Rating From Black Voters Plummets


Black voters’ enthusiasm for President Joe Biden has weakened since he took office, according to a recent poll.

The Washington Post/Ipsos poll sampled responses from nearly 1,250 black Americans between April 21 and May 2, 2022, and has a +/- 3.5% margin of error.

The poll found that only 23% “strongly approve” of the way Biden is handling his job as president while 70% “approve”.

A potential concern for Democrats that traditionally rely on this key demographic of voters as the election cycle nears. The results showed that only 60% of black voters believe Biden is keeping most of his campaign promises, with concerns ranging from his handling of the economy to immigration.

Black voters shared major concerns about Biden’s handling of police and criminal justice system reform, with 6% believing President Biden has done “a great deal” to reduce alleged discrimination against black Americans in criminal justice systems. As a presidential candidate, 26% of black voters believed that Biden would “greatly reduce” such discrimination in June 2020. (RELATED: Biden Signs Executive Order On Police Reform Two Years After George Floyd’s Death)

Polling results also suggested that fewer black Americans also think that Biden is “sympathetic to the problems” of black Americans, with confidence dropping by 8% since 2020.

Responses shared frustration with Democrats on Capitol Hill, with more than 60% disappointed or angry about Democrats’ failure to pass voting legislation, an issue many are campaigning on in this upcoming election cycle.

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