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CHAZ doesn’t deserved to be saved by taxpayer dollars


In a series of shocking and stunning turn of events, the cop-banning, anarchy-baiting Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone of Seattle has devolved into death and violence. The illegal settlement known as “CHAZ” suffered a shooting resulting in one person killed and at least one other injured, and that’s after a slew of rapes and robberies the Seattle police chief claimed that the police couldn’t respond to in the region.

Raz Simone, the supposed “warlord” of the CHAZ, claimed that paramedics, terrified of entering the region, let the slain person bleed out, though the claim hasn’t been independently corroborated.

Regardless, that is what you get for illegally declaring an “autonomous” zone. If you’re going to break the law and our social contract to illegally occupy land that is not yours with the sole purpose of living out of the purview of law enforcement, you give up your right to people still abiding by our social contract entering. That includes paramedics.

After all, if you saw cops getting harassed and assaulted by violent anarchists just a few days prior, why would you feel safe entering a zone with zero law enforcement? If anything, this is the outcome CHAZ dwellers must have surely wanted, right? Otherwise, it would have been called the Capitol Hill Freeloaders Zone.

The CHAZ doesn’t deserve to be saved, and certainly not by taxpayer dollars. Seattle’s mayor and Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee have established a disgraceful precedent by allowing the area to survive despite acknowledging it’s lawless, so they ought to let it destroy itself without intervening. This is the opposite of Ruby Ridge or Waco. It’s thugs and low-lives taking over streets that aren’t theirs in the name of autonomy and now begging to be saved by taxpayer resources.

CHAZ residents can save themselves by leaving, accepting legal consequences for their actions, and retaking part in the social contract that protects life, liberty, and property rights. Until then, they’re signing their own death warrants. It’s gruesome, but it needs to be explicated, lest anyone say that they weren’t properly warned.

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