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FBI’s search of Trump home raises new questions about bureau partisanship


The FBI’s stunning search of former President Trump’s Florida home was legally justifiable to the judge who approved it, but the move still could be viewed as an abuse of power so damaging to the bureau’s credibility that it may never recover, former agents told The Washington Times.

“The FBI has been at a tipping point since the Comey-McCabe false Russian collusion investigation,” said Kevin Brock, a former FBI assistant director of intelligence. “That could be cited as an isolated operation that didn’t affect the FBI’s credibility, but now there has been a cascade of events that have pushed the FBI to the precipice in the minds of half the country.”

“I don’t know if they can come back from this, I just don’t,” he said.

Agents on Monday searched Mr. Trump’s home at his Mar-a-Lago estate and private club, in what appears to be part of an investigation into whether classified documents were sent there instead of the National Archives when Mr. Trump left office.

Thomas J. Baker, who spent 33 years as an agent and served as an instructor at the bureau’s training academy in Quantico, Virginia, said the raid was legally sound, but also an abuse of

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