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High School Teacher Leaves ‘Defund The Police’ Poster On Display As Brother Of Slain Officer Returns To School


The younger brother of an Indiana police officer killed in the line of duty returned to school only to face a “Defund the Police” poster on display in his classroom Tuesday.

Elwood police officer Noah Shahnavaz was shot and killed during a July 31 traffic stop, the Daily Caller reported. Shahnavaz, 24, was a five-year military veteran who had served the police department for 11 months. Shahnavaz graduated from Fishers High School, where his younger brother still attends, Fox 59 reported.

Memorial for slain Elwood Police Officer Noah Shahnavaz. (Retrieved from Elwood Police Department Facebook page)

The Shahnavaz family met with school administrators and emailed teachers after Noah’s younger brother spotted the poster during his second block creative writing class on Tuesday, according to Fox 59. Despite the family’s protest, the poster remained up for the remainder of Tuesday’s class and was reportedly not removed until Thursday, Chalkboard Review said.

“A student’s research project from the previous school year, listing the arguments both for and against the movement of “defunding the police” was left on display in a classroom at Fishers High School,” according to a Fishers High School statement cited by Fox 59. “As soon as the school was made aware of the issue, the concern was swiftly dealt with. However, we understand the impact was hurtful for individuals, and we deeply regret the pain it caused,” a school administrator told Fox 59. (RELATED: Cites Reconsidering Dem Defund The Police Measures After Spike In Crime)

Teacher Marina Gibson said the poster was left over from the previous school year and that she had forgotten to take it down, according to Chalkboard Review. Gibson additionally serves as a sponsor for the school’s mental health club, Bring Change To Mind, according to the school’s directory. She was also the 2016 recipient of the “Grace Farrell Award for Political Engagement and Social Activism” and received an award for student advocacy from Fishers High School, Chalkboard Review reported.

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