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House Republicans On Track To Increase Latino Members By 50 Percent Over Next Year


House Republicans are going to increase the number of Latino members in their ranks by a significant margin over the next year.

The election of Mayra Flores in southern Texas was just the beginning.

This represents a major shift in American politics and it does not bode well for Democrats.

Politico reports:

A key ingredient to flip the House: A wave of Latino GOP candidates

A large and diverse group of Latino candidates will be representing the Republican Party on the November ballot this year — forming a key piece of the party’s push to win more Latino voters.

House Republicans could be on track to increase their number of Latino members in 2023 by 50 percent — or more — after concerted recruitment efforts and a slew of summer primary wins by Hispanic and Latino candidates from Oregon to Texas to Virginia.

The latest victory came Tuesday night in southern Arizona from Juan Ciscomani, a first-generation American who moved from Mexico to the U.S. as a child and worked on border and


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