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In Search Of New Boogeyman, Leftists Target Ex-Democrat Conservative Catholics


Hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned. While they may be vicious to their political opponents (see the recent FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago), they can be even more vicious to their friends who turn against them. If a group of people were once reliable Democrats, but then change their mind, they will be excoriated and demonized with relentless invective and shame. And it doesn’t matter if these people are part of a protected class; if they disavow anything in the Democrat agenda, they are fair game for all forms of bigotry.

Such is now the case for Catholics. Once a core constituency for Democrats, many Catholics are coming to realize that the leftist priorities of the Democratic Party are fundamentally incompatible with the Catholic faith. Even if Democrats pretended to care for the poor and marginalized in the past, they are currently much more interested in helping mothers kill their children, pushing confused young people to change their sex, facilitating the passage of illegal immigrants into the country, and criticizing local law enforcement.

At a certain point, it becomes clear that pulling the party back from this radicalism is a futile effort. Therefore, an increasing number of Catholics along with many other social conservatives have come to support the Republican party. The effect of this switch has made the GOP a more pro-family working class party (sometimes called the “New Right”) while the Democrats are becoming more Marxist.

All this is at work in the recent screed against conservative Catholics in The Atlantic. The writer Daniel Panneton attempts to make the case that the rosary (that is, Catholic prayer beads) has “acquired a militaristic meaning for radical-traditional (or “rad trad”) Catholics.” In Panneton’s reckoning, these “rad trads,” who are basically conservative Catholics, have subverted the original purpose of the

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