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‘Joementum’ stalls as 56% of Democrats say Biden shouldn’t seek reelection


The past month has been hyped for President Biden as “Joementum” — a series of legislative wins and executive actions that has recovered his standing in a party that didn’t even want him to run again in 2024. Maybe not, a new poll suggests.

A USA Today / Ipsos survey released Monday found that a majority of Democrats think President Joe Biden shouldn’t run for reelection.
According to the poll, 56% of Democrats surveyed think Biden should not run for reelection and that “it’s time for a change within the party.”

“Forty-four percent say he should be the nominee and deserves re-election. This sentiment holds true across all age groups and ideologies within this group of voters,” the pollsters noted in their analysis.

Nevertheless, the pollsters noted, 60% of the Democrats surveyed thought he could win re-election if he were to run.

The poll suggests that a series of Democratic legislative wins, including the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, has done little to stem the party’s discontent with Mr. Biden, which reached a peak in the early summer with a flurry of polls.

A USA Today / Suffolk University poll released July 29 found that 50% of Democrats

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