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Op-Ed: New DeSantis Plan to Help Struggling Police Officers Has 2 Huge Benefits


Police officers have it very rough right now. Along with performing in the line of duty and putting their lives on the line every day, they face continuous scrutiny from hate groups. On top of that, the government provides little to no assistance in terms of getting them new gear or providing new hiring initiatives. Shockwaves have gone through both New York and Chicago with a record number of resignations, officer suicides and seemingly insurmountable working conditions — including ridiculously long work hours.

It’s enough to make anyone go nuts. However, there’s an interesting new alternative that I really hope finds some ground — and could give police officers an ideal way to use their experience for the greater good.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced a new plan to give retired police officers, firefighters and EMTs an opportunity to teach in public schools.

He’s currently working on trying to ease regulations in an effort to bring in these first responders to fill vacant teacher positions. Considering there are a lot of vacancies and classes are starting back up, there’s no question that they’re needed now more than ever.

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