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The Biden Administration Is Accelerating The Illegal Border Invasion


Following months of Biden administration shuttle diplomacy, multi-national U.S.-bound immigrants from more than 150 countries are now finding international routes to the southern border faster, easier, and less obstructed than ever before.

Panama has dramatically shortened the notorious Darien Gap route from South America for the first time. Mexico has amended a years-old policy of using a national guard road blockade to slow U.S.-bound immigrants on its Guatemala border for one that now immediately hands out fast-pass visas straight to the American border.

Taken altogether, the new relative ease, safety, and swiftness of global journeys to the U.S. southern border should induce even greater numbers of foreign nationals to try the journey, especially those border-crossing nationalities the administration is currently allowing to remain. The number of foreign nationals not from Mexico or Central America is at the highest level in American history, amid illegal migration already at record-breaking levels overall.

Such nationals range from 40 to 50 percent of all who reach the southern border since the Biden administration carved exemptions in the pandemic-related Title 42 instant expulsion policy. The Biden exceptions have allowed large numbers of such trespassing foreign citizens to stay inside the United States. Homeland security officials regard this population as posing heightened national security, public safety, and health risks.

The Biden government has not taken specific credit for these two consequential changes. But the enticing changes do come after months of American diplomacy with Panama and Mexico and fall in line with the administration’s overarching policy idea for border management that illegal immigration not be stopped so much as rendered “safe, humane, and orderly.”

The administration has certainly lodged no objections to the creation of what amounts to a free-flow corridor from Panama through Mexico. That has included nary a discouraging word on Mexico’s apparent order that its national guard

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