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Biden’s Endless Gifts To China


Biden’s Endless Gifts To China

Authored by Robert Williams via The Gatestone Institute,

The gifts the Biden Administration has already given the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in just two years have been nothing short of exorbitant — and often to the detriment of the US.

They have included cancelling the China Initiative that was countering CCP espionage on American soil; allowing the CCP spy-balloon to leisurely hover over America’s major nuclear and military sites while gathering sensitive information to send back to Beijing in real time; permitting CCP interests (there are no private interests in China) to buy up American farmland — especially near US military bases — also with the potential of controlling the distribution of food inside the US or manipulating the crops; poisoning to death more than 100,000 Americans — each year — with fentanyl and other drugs; placing at least six CCP police stations inside American cities; sidestepping Chinese accountability for lying about the origins and transmissibility of COVID-19; condoning the data-gathering and propagandizing of American children by TikTok; doing nothing as the CCP and established naval and other military facilities in the PacificCambodiaEquatorial Guinea, AfricaDjibouti, Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean, the Red SeaMexicoArgentina, and has established a significant presence on both sides of the Panama Canal. The Biden Administration has also sat back and watched as the CCP not only installed itself throughout Latin America but also in Caribbean, as well as establishing a military training facility on Cuba’s north shore.

Now, the Biden Administration intends to spend more than half a trillion dollars on “clean energy and climate action over the next decade”according to the US Department of Energy.

That amount would reportedly include projects for climate change and investments in renewable energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

The problem is: these policies are all gifts to China.

In solar energy, according to S&P Global,

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