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Kamala’s Cackling Clown Car Remarks at the LBJ Library


Kamala Harris was at the LBJ Library in Austin on Saturday. You would think that since she was in Texas, she might be planning on going to the border. But no such luck, at least according to reports. She’s blowing in to talk about abortion at the Library and then she’s off to beg for money at a fundraiser. Priorities. Kamala’s don’t include doing anything at all about the border.

Harris was in rare form with her remarks. I’d wonder if she was high, except I’ve listened to so many of her speeches. So either she’s high all the time or this is her normal state of being. More’s the pity for us. She was talking about the filibuster and as usual, she treats the audience like they are five years old when she speaks to them.

“So there’s this thing in the United States Senate called filibuster,” Harris said. “It’s a library we talk about things like facts,” she said. “And, it has been used over the years, in a way that I think many of us would agree, it has been used to obstruct progress.”

The purpose of the filibuster is to allow some opportunity for minority opinion. Democrats are desperate to eliminate the filibuster now because the Republicans are presently in the minority. If the Democrats can get rid of it, they think they can shove through all their radical agenda and shut down the Republicans. Of course, they’re so concentrated at the moment on that that they don’t seem to think about what happens after November when they lose the Senate and they become the minority party again.

Kamala claims that it has been used to “obstruct progress.” Do tell. Was that what the Democrats were doing in 2020 when they were in the minority and they used the filibuster 327 times?

The Democrats are so ridiculous on this, acting as though the filibuster is somehow racist when they used it all the time and Joe Biden has defended it for years. I guess they’re telling on themselves and by their own assessment — they’re calling themselves racist.

But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave up the game and acknowledged getting rid of the filibuster was about Democrats trying to hold onto power.

However, the filibuster wasn’t the only delirious moment that Harris had at the event. She was off on her obsession over Venn diagrams again. She speaks about them again like a five-year-old. But she surely is fascinated by them, although why, I have no idea.

“Let me just say I love Venn diagrams,” Harris declared, cackling wildly. “I really love Venn diagrams. You know, the circles, right? Three usually.” She never goes much beyond that to describe them, so I’m not sure she understands what they are about.

But not only does she like talking about them  — it even appears to be a scripted part of her routine. Listen to this from a few days ago which is virtually word for word, cackle for cackle the same thing as she said on Saturday. And she appears to be looking at a teleprompter as she says it.

Dan Quayle got mocked incessantly for misspelling one word. Yet, this is who we have in the office now. I said “cackling clown car remarks” in the title. But I think the comparison might be unfair to clowns.

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