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Joe Biden Isn’t Qualified to Lecture Us on the Soul of the Nation


In a fit of presidential arrogance deeply imbued with a shaky command of history, Team Biden has announced that tonight America will be subjected to a primetime address on the “soul of the nation.”

We already know what this will consist of. We’ve seen glimpses of it earlier this week. Speaking to his fellow partisan Democrats, Biden has resorted to some of the worst political name-calling of the 21st century, accusing MAGA/revivalist/America First conservatives of “semi-fascism” and repeating his stupid line about the government using F-15 fighter jets on recalcitrant political opponents.

It’s an impeachable bit of demagoguery, particularly given that his camp includes a woman who publicly fanned the flames of political violence by encouraging the George Floyd riots and endorsing a fund paying bail for rioters. Several of the people released by that same bail fund later allegedly killed people.

Joe Biden is among the last people on the fruited plain who should be commenting on America’s soul.

We know that Biden has carried on a for-profit influence-peddling scheme using his son and brother as cutouts for most of the latter stages of his political career. Hunter Biden’s laptop makes clear that Joe Biden’s dealings with shady foreign business entities are extensive, and it also makes clear Joe Biden has repeatedly, provably, and brazenly lied about those dealings.

We know that Joe Biden, faced with the revelations of those dealings when the laptop’s contents came to light, told a blatant, provable lie to the American people in a presidential debate when he alleged that the entire story of his son’s laptop and the corrupt business dealings it revealed was “Russian disinformation.” This despite the fact that Tony Bobulinski, a retired military veteran who had been a business partner of the Bidens, had specifically validated damning material on the laptop.

We know that Biden’s allies in the FBI sought to pressure social media platforms — successfully — into suppressing the dissemination of the laptop story. We also know that this suppression had a major, and perhaps even decisive, effect on the 2020 presidential election’s outcome.

And we know that the laptop story suppression was not the first evidence of politicized corruption within the FBI. It sought to influence the 2016 presidential election by working with the Clinton campaign to use a fraudulent “dossier” concocted by Clinton operatives as a pretext for spying on Donald Trump’s campaign, and when that didn’t work, it continued the spying in an effort to entrap Trump and his advisers and effectively stage a coup d’etat against a duly elected president.

We know that Joe Biden inherited a situation more or less under control at our southern border and proceeded to break faith with both his oath of office and the American people by throwing that border open; over three million people have invaded America since his inauguration. We know Biden and his officials have repeatedly lied about every aspect of this invasion, including declaring the border closed when it manifestly is not.

We know the effect of this has been a tidal wave of Chinese fentanyl coming across our border and destroying countless thousands of lives. When you hear of people dying of “fentanyl overdoses,” just understand that in far more cases than not, those aren’t overdoses; those are cases of people taking what they thought were nonfatal drugs only to find them laced with fentanyl, effectively causing them to be murdered by Mexican drug cartels who now control our southern border.

You’re welcome to question whether those cartels have an outsized influence in Washington, which is to say any influence at all. In evaluating that question, feel free to ask yourself what might look different if the cartels did have a direct line to the Big Guy given the state of their current fortunes.

We know that Joe Biden inherited an energy-independent America and proceeded to break the domestic energy industry, and we know that between his pleas to Saudis, Venezuelans, Iranians, and other foul actors for more oil imports, he’s done nothing to alleviate the pain Americans have felt ever since his war on American energy began. Biden, in fact, just lost another round in a federal courtroom in which 13 state attorneys general secured a permanent injunction against his ban on offshore oil leasing. You’d think there would be no such ban, but this regime’s solution to high gas prices is to force a transition to electric cars on an unwilling public at a time when our power grid can hardly sustain current demand. Once that transition takes place, if it does, there is no possibility the grid can handle the demand.

We also know there is a recognizable, unmistakable pattern with Team Biden in that it sabotages supply in this economy at every turn while at the same time doing everything it can to goose demand. Inflation, obviously, is the result, but it’s more than that — America is becoming a nation of shortages and lowered expectations. And a lower standard of living.

We know that none of the remedies for COVID-19 offered by Team Biden, which followed a pattern, again, of offering maximum restrictions on individual Americans supposedly to defend against the virus, did anything to stop its spread or promote public health in any meaningful way. All destruction, all the time. (READ MORE by Scott McKay: When Dirty Joe and the Democrats Turned Truly Dangerous)

We know identity politics in America is out of control and Americans increasingly scream for relief, while this regime does everything it can to make things worse and induce everyone on the intersectional totem pole to shout their victimization. Team Biden is unceasing in promoting the LGBTQ agenda even in places like the U.S. military, where it’s a threat to national security.

It’s worth also noting that we know from the diary of Biden’s daughter, Ashley, that he engaged in what she characterized as inappropriate behavior of a too-close-to-sexual-for-comfort nature with her as a child, giving rise to a highly reasonable suspicion that he might just be a child predator. And no, there is no reason to give Biden the benefit of the doubt given his public behavior around other people’s children, captured on camera multiple times. Today’s Left might be seeking to detach the popular stigma from “Minor-Attracted Persons,” but that hardly papers over the fact that Joe Biden lacks moral standing to lecture us about our nation’s soul. That the FBI has been tasked to persecute and harass journalists who have come into possession of that diary only magnifies the problem of Team Biden’s moral deficiency as it relates to judging others.

The soul of America is increasingly torn apart and is in desperate need of healing. It needs a center point from which that healing can begin, and its center has always been the Judeo-Christian moral base from which the country was constructed. But Joe Biden and his handlers are hard at work tearing us away from that base, just as they’re tearing our market economy to shreds in favor of a China-dominated socialist-globalist utopian model.

While at the same time denouncing every attempt to push back against their aggressions as “a threat to our democracy.”

Pay attention to the use of “our” in that phrase. It has a specific meaning. Joe Biden and the cabal he represents don’t use that word in the sense that it belongs to the nation. They see things in a far more limited way. They see it as “their” democracy which is under threat.

And that’s why they’re parading this doddering dimwit out in front of the network cameras to prattle about the soul of a nation he hasn’t cared about his entire political life.

No self-respecting American would tune in to watch Joe Biden read those words on the teleprompter tonight. It’s a good bet that when the ratings come out, very few of us will.

The lies he’ll tell might persuade a few people for a little while. But the reality those lies obscure will manifest itself soon enough. In more cases than not, it already has. And Team Biden can’t hide from that. Not forever.

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