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The Return of the 70’s Misery


Remember stolen rims and wheels? One could park his car outside a downtown building and come back to a stripped vehicle sitting on cinder blocks. Remember gas siphoning? I do. The seventies are back, baby, and how!

This week, in my relatively well-off suburb of Houston, Texas, nearly a whole tank of gas in my Chevy Tahoe got siphoned. I thought I was losing my mind. I filled up the vehicle and one two-mile errand later the tank was down 16 gallons. I was about to blame a faulty sensor or blame the teenager for a surreptitious road trip. Alas, no. A trip to the gym and the gas is gone.

Eggs are now a luxury purchase and gas being siphoned.

Meanwhile, the barking seals in the House chambers cheered for a speech-slurring president who has brought economic calamity and desperation to even the most unlikely places.

It’s going to be a rough year or two.

The insane part? Joe Biden could win the presidency again. Yes, he’s got the Democrat city machines across the country all sewn up, but it’s worse than that. There are supposedly functioning Americans who will vote for this disastrous man again because tribal loyalty trumps the ability to fill up the tank or buy eggs. The thought makes me think America hasn’t suffered enough and needs more pain. They’re going to get it whether they deserve it or not.

The seventies stunk the first time around. Misery is back! Thank a Democrat!

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