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Americans don’t care about Trump charges, they care about surviving what Biden has done to them


Democratic analysts don’t seem to understand why the all-out legal assault on former President Donald Trump isn’t working. It’s because they keep talking among themselves and not with the American people.

The American people don’t live and work in the New York-Washington political-media-government bubble. If reporters and analysts listened to Americans, as we do at America’s New Majority Project, they would learn how decisive the choice between President Joe Biden or former President Trump is. They would also see how difficult, if not impossible, it will be for Biden to get easily re-elected.

The propaganda media is trying to focus the election on what it sees as Trump’s flaws. The Democrats, including the Biden campaign, are trying to focus the election on what they see as the threat Trump represents.

But the 2024 election is ultimately going to come down to a simple question: Can the American people afford four more years of Biden’s policies and principles?

Trump’s problems all involve his own alleged behavior and activities. Even the totally phony legal attacks remain locked into a Trump-centered issue. No American is hurt by the things Trump has supposedly done. Indeed, few Americans pay any attention to the outlandish, manipulated legal attacks on Trump.

Most Americans see the case against Trump as political lawfare. If anything, they are offended by the left’s assault on the rule of law and the Constitution. This is why the conviction in the so-called hush money trial led to an enormous surge of contributions to Trump’s campaign.

Far from running away from Trump, the American people found themselves running to defend him. They saw him as a champion being persecuted unfairly and took the conviction as a direct warning of what could happen to them.

By contrast, Biden’s problems all impact everyday Americans. Bidenflation continues to drive already high prices higher. Childcare costs increased 4.1% in the last year. Young parents are having to take on third and fourth jobs just to break even on costs.

Grocery prices are forcing Americans to make tough decisions about how to feed their families. Young people can’t afford to buy houses – which is more than offsetting any good will Biden might have generated by (illegally) waiving student loan repayments.

Biden’s policies are causing millions of Americans real pain.

Biden’s open border policy allows Venezuelan criminals to go to New York City and murder policemen. Biden’s open border policy allows fentanyl and other drugs to flood our country and poison our communities. When more than 100,000 Americans a year are dying from drug overdoses, it is hard worry about how Trump valued his apartment or paid his attorney.

The average American can’t afford groceries, gasoline or the electricity bill thanks to Bidenflation. Democrats want Americans to focus on these legal attacks. But Americans are focused on their own survival in the terrible economy President Biden and Democrats created.

For the elite establishment Democrats, this is all still about politics. For the American people, it’s about survival.

Economically, Biden’s destructive policies make life more expensive. Culturally, people are sick of radical dictates which denigrate religious liberty and seek to indoctrinate children against the will of their parents. Finally, as a matter of safety, Americans realize that Biden does not have the knowledge, ability, or wits to defend our nation against our adversaries.

The 2024 election isn’t about what the establishment media thinks. It’s about America’s survival.

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