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Biden’s false tales are increasing: Is it a sign of a memory disorder?


President Biden has a long history of telling embellished, if not outright fabricated stories, but lately the number of falsehoods from the president are coming at a rapid rate.

Mental health experts say it might be a sign of confabulation, a neurological disorder linked to dementia.

“Confabulation is most closely associated with dementia-related memory loss,” said Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, a psychiatrist. “You are trying to tell a story, but your brain can’t fill the space, so your brain protects you by making stuff up.”

Dr. Ahmed has not personally assessed Mr. Biden but said, in his view, the evidence is “overwhelming” that Mr. Biden is confabulating.

In a speech this month in Milwaukee, Mr. Biden entertained the audience with previously debunked tales about his grandfather’s death, a conversation with an Amtrak conductor, his father’s education, and witnessing a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh.

A week later, Mr. Biden attended a campaign fundraiser where he repeated the debunked Amtrak story and then spun a yarn about his dad and him encountering a same-sex couple in 1960s Delaware. While the story is impossible to prove or disprove, several fact-checkers, including The Washington Post, responded with much skepticism.

While in Hawaii on Monday, Mr. Biden told survivors a story about his house almost burning down with his wife, Corvette, and cat still inside. Mr. Biden’s embellished version differed greatly from media reports at the time, which described the fire as a small one contained to the kitchen and under control in roughly 20 minutes.

The overblown stories have generated much criticism from Republicans and others who accuse Mr. Biden of outright lying. They also come as concerns about Mr. Biden’s age continue to plague his reelection bid.

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