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Biden’s family received millions in foreign payments while he served as vice president


Lawmakers investigating the Biden family’s foreign business deals say family members received millions of dollars in payments from foreign nationals while President Biden was serving as vice president in the Obama administration.

The information, discovered in bank documents obtained by Republican investigators, showed the Biden family and their business associates used a “complicated, suspicious,” web of 20 companies to launder $10 million in payments from foreign nationals, and many of the transactions took place while Mr. Biden was vice president, lawmakers said.

The companies were based in Romania and China, among other countries, and several business associates who paid the Bidens had close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

“From a historical standpoint, we’ve never seen a presidential family receive the sums of money from adversaries around the world,” said House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer, Kentucky Republican.

The web of Biden family companies, or LLCs, were discovered by Republicans who scoured four Biden family bank accounts. The companies were used in what investigators say was a complex money-laundering scheme that filtered money to nine Biden family members, including some of the president’s grandchildren.

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