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Democrats Are The Real Threat To Democracy — Just Ask The Green Party


The Green Party will appear on the ballot in North Carolina’s upcoming Senate contest this November, a federal judge has ruled — despite a coordinated Democratic effort to prevent it.

After the Green Party submitted thousands of signatures for its candidate to appear on the ballot in North Carolina, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) — represented by Russia Hoax lawyer Marc Elias’s law firm — began contacting the people who signed the petition for ballot access and asked them to remove their signatures. 

Even the Green Party’s candidate himself, Matthew Hoh, received text messages from the DSCC asking him to remove his signature from the petition and saying “the Green Party takes votes away from Democrats, which helps Republicans win.” 

Leading up to the state Board of Elections’ vote to certify the signatures, several letters were sent to the board from Michael Vincent Abucewicz — a Raleigh resident whose lawyer happens to be from the Elias Law Group — that included 145 affidavits or declarations from people who said they wanted their signatures removed. 

In June, the state Board of Elections’ Democratic majority voted not to certify the Green Party, citing allegations that many of their 22,521 signatures submitted were fraudulent. Republican board member Tommy Tucker raised questions about the board’s 3-2 party-line vote, saying that while Republican calls for aggressive oversight into signature matching have been disregarded, “we’re making a whole-hearted effort on the Green Party.” 

Luckily, in August, a federal judge overturned the state Board of Elections’ ruling, and the Green Party candidate Matthew Hoh will appear on the ballot in November.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have conspired to get the Greens kicked off the ballot, however. Democratic operatives, often led by Elias, have mounted effort after effort to disenfranchise Green Party voters whenever their candidate has threatened Democrats’ chance

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