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Elon Drops Best Joke of the Day on Whiny Liberals in the ‘Blue Check’ War


Prepare for more in the Great Battle of the Blue Checks! It seems that Twitter head Elon Musk has been cleaning the clock of the liberal complainers in the war, so far.

Liberals were seething that the blue checks had been taken away. They thought they were entitled to it and were aggrieved that – now – they would have to pay for it, just like everyone else. They refused to pony up with the eight dollars, but they still wanted that recognition. So, some were still trying to convey how elite they were: Keith Olbermann had a blue arrow, Alyssa Milano had a blue diamond, others stamped “verified” all over their profiles or in their banner. The mental angst was just something to behold. It became the new liberal virtue-signaling thing, to say something bad about Elon Musk and then profess that they would never pay the eight dollars for Twitter Blue.

However, as I observed earlier because they are also petty, spiteful little people, they also wanted to hurt Musk, so they promoted a “Block the Blue” effort to have people block people with blue checks. That’s just so juvenile. They were using the verified column in the Twitter mentions to help identify the blue checks. But as I noted, Musk figured out what they were doing and temporarily disabled the column, so that they couldn’t do that anymore. After it was suspended, Musk tweeted, “Checkmate.”

People in this #BlockTheBlue pressure campaign are losers and goons. They’re the cool kids from junior high who worked to exclude we nerds from cool kid events, plus the losers who joined in to gain cred. The elite-only verification system sucked, been criticizing it since 2018.

What’s funny is, as Musk was championing meritocracy and everyone given an equal chance, the folks who are always screaming they’re about “equity” are screaming the loudest against it.

As I said, that meant that they would be speaking in their echo chamber. But it would also mean that the blue-check folks won’t have to put up with all these whiny liberals. A big plus for signing up for Twitter Blue!

But Musk wasn’t done yet. He saved an even better troll for our liberal whiny friends.

He started giving some of the biggest whiners Twitter Blue checks, so it looked like they had paid, and as a result, they might then be blocked by their whiny “Block the Blue” movement. Positively genius.

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