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Five Lingering Questions About The Bizarre Paul Pelosi Attack


Everybody was stunned on Friday morning when news broke that the 82 year old husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had been assaulted inside of his home early in the morning with a hammer.

The shock and awe grew after it seemed to become clear that the assailant was looking for the Speaker of the House herself – the third in line to the Presidency.

An assailant broke into the home and asked “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?”, according to NBC in the Bay Area.

San Francisco police Chief Bill Scott called it an “intentional” attack:

“This was not a random attack. This was intentional. And it’s wrong. Our elected officials are here to do the business of their cities, their counties, and their states, and this nation. Their families don’t sign up for this — to be harmed. And it’s wrong.”

As such, DePape is now facing charges of attempted murder and other felonies.

I wholly condemn the attack, as I do all violence (especially political violence).

“This is an outrage and our hearts are with the entire Pelosi family. ⁦We pray Paul will make a full recovery,” former VP Mike Pence Tweeted this weekend.

And though I am hardly a fan of Ted Cruz, I think he said it best when he wrote on Twitter this weekend:

“We can have our political differences, but violence is always wrong & unacceptable.”

It is not in any way in dispute that Pelosi was attacked violently and wound up in the hospital as a result of his injuries.

It is also not in dispute that 911 was called and dispatcher Heather Grimes had the intuition to order a wellness check at the household based on what she heard. Her intuition may

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