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Kamala Hilariously Doesn’t Realize She’s Clapping Along to Protest Song Against Her


Kamala Harris is probably a good fit with Joe Biden in that she too isn’t particularly bright, frequently spews nonsense, and is a gaffe machine. Like Biden, the “border czar” is more known for her failures than anything else. The border is a shambles and Harris is completely missing in action on the issue.

As we reported, the Biden-Harris campaign team is hemorrhaging Hispanic support, and Americans trust former President Donald Trump more on the border and immigration.

That’s likely part of the reason that she was tasked to go to Puerto Rico, where she toured a community center in San Juan. Harris was met with protesters outside the center chanting against her and holding up signs accusing her of being a “war criminal” as well as saying that the U.S. and Israel were “genocidal.”

It didn’t look like they were happy with her at all.

But Kamala being Kamala, she had a moment much the same way that Joe Biden has his moments. She was there to talk about solar panels, probably not the first thing on the minds of most of the people.

She went out into a courtyard of the community center, where she began to clap to a band that was playing. Kamala was clapping and nodding to the music until the woman next to her — Mariana Reyes, executive director at the La Goyco cultural center — translated what they were singing to Harris.

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  1. Patrick gray March 25, 2024

    We need to impeach Bide. And Harris, they and their regime is ruining America,, legal aid and the liberal judges are ruining our country. Welfare in Vermont is ruining everything. Giving welfare people mote rooms costing us taxpayers 200
    Per night.


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