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Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s ‘Tolerance’ Lie


There is nothing more jarring than waking up to a Twitter feed littered with photos and footage of nude men and women prancing at pride parades all across North America.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened to many on Monday morning after nudists, furries, and other fetishists gathered in New York City, Seattle, and Toronto this weekend to celebrate sex under the LGBT banner. Children were not only present for these inappropriate displays but — in the case of a naked gathering in Wisconsin — actually participated.

One of the most egregious justifications for this behavior came from leftist tech bro Brian Krassenstein who claimed that Libs of TikTok shouldn’t tweet the offending videos because “millions of kids can now see this.”

Krassenstein suggested that “Seeing a man naked on a bike isn’t going to have much of an impact on any kid,” and posting the video was “arguably worse [than] riding a bike naked in front of a kid or two.”

He claimed that adults exposing themselves to children “certainly should be illegal,” but wrapped up with the assertion that indecent exposure to children doesn’t really matter because “there are much much worse things the average kid will see or hear online and offline in a typical week.”

Just because our society is oversaturated with sex doesn’t mean children should be exposed to it. Even the federal government acknowledges that many cases of child sexual exploitation begin when predators show children “suggestive images” and “nudity is introduced.”

It doesn’t take a genius to know that despite the sexual revolution’s sweeping failures, leftists are advancing their “liberating” (aka radical) ideas about sex by involving children.

“Sexualized childhood is the next frontier for the sexual revolution,” Federalist contributor Scott Yenor.

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