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POLL: DeSantis, Biden Tie In 2024 Hypothetical Showdown


President Joe Biden and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are tied in a 2024 hypothetical presidential race, a poll released Thursday found.

The possible rivals both garnered 42% of support from survey participants if the election were currently held, a Marquette Law School poll found. Eleven percent expressed their support for “someone else” and the final 4% would not vote.

DeSantis garnered more support in comparison to the previous polls. In September, Biden led the governor by 5 percentage points, 43%-38%, in a hypothetical election. When the survey was conducted in January, Biden attained more support than DeSantis by almost ten percentage points, 43%-34%.

The president continued to lead DeSantis by three points, 39%-35%, in March, according to the survey.

Marquette University conducted the survey between Nov. 15-22 and interviewed 1,004 participants with a 3.7% margin of error.

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