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RNC Cleans House To Get Everybody On The Same Page About Election Integrity


Last month, electoral politics got a shake-up when staff changes were announced at the Republican National Committee (RNC). Michael Whatley and Lara Trump took over the top spots, with a cascade of other Trump affiliates being announced for positions throughout the organization.

This news was well received among the president’s supporters, many of whom saw the former RNC as an enforcement arm of the D.C. establishment, solidifying it while undermining his return to power. Reporting on the personnel change-up was quickly followed by an announcement that there would be a shift in focus at the RNC to election integrity. These changes at the RNC and other organizations signal that two broader principles of a more focused MAGA movement are being put into action: Personnel is policy, and election fraud is a real threat.

Personnel Is Policy

When Trump was first elected in 2016, there was a scramble between fresh blood and right-wing activists who wanted to see the America First agenda fulfilled and then the D.C. establishment to fill spots in the Trump administration. The establishment maintained some control of personnel placement at the RNC and other organizations, which ended up steering staff placement in the new administration in a way that crippled the America First policy agenda for years.

It was only in the fourth year of Trump’s term, when he brought on a new team of loyalists in his Presidential Personnel Office (PPO), that detractors began to be identified, removed, and replaced with other Trump loyalists who would diligently carry out his policy agenda. It was under the new PPO that I was brought into the Trump administration.

Part of my job was to conduct interviews to vet and hire new appointees and to replace those who didn’t meet standards. To quote a member of the

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