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Swing States Have A Long Way To Go To Safeguard The 2024 Election


Not long before Christmas, Wisconsin’s leftist chief executive dumped a big lump of coal in the election-integrity stocking. 

Democrat Gov. Tony Evers vetoed another round of bills passed by the Republican-controlled legislature, bills designed to check the far-left excesses of the 2020 Covid-plagued election. 

One measure simply required absentee voters to apply for “indefinitely confined” status as opposed to determining their eligibility by a mere signature. In 2020, as Evers and his army of bureaucrats did everything within their power — and outside it — to lock down the state, more than 220,000 voters claimed they were “indefinitely confined,” a designation typically reserved for obstacles such as age, physical illness, infirmity, or disability.

According to a state Legislative Audit Bureau examination of the 2020 election, 169,901 voters claiming they were indefinitely confined had done so for the first time. They used Covid as their cover. Suffice to say, there were abuses. 

Former Democrat State Sen. Patty Schachtner was actively campaigning for an Assembly seat at the time when she claimed she was “indefinitely confined” to her home. Facebook posts showed as much. Schachtner lost, but she joined nine other electors in casting Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes for Joe Biden following the contentious and controversial presidential election, conservative talk show host Dan O’Donnell reported at the time. O’Donnell reported on dozens of purportedly “confined” voters enjoying a less-than-cloistered life.

Wisconsin’s 10 presidential electors are at the State Capitol casting their ballots. One of those 10, Democratic State Senator Patty Schachtner, likely committed election fraud when she falsely claimed to be indefinitely confined to her home. https://t.co/QwPslbCufC

— Dan O’Donnell (@DanODonnellShow) December 14, 2020

Evers has been extremely liberal with his veto pen, smashing the record number of vetoes that had stood for nearly a century. But the Democrat has been

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