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The Failing Washington Post Wants to Replace Its Journalists With AI Bots as Losses Mount


The failing newspaper The Washington Post is seeking to pivot towards artificial intelligence (AI) after posting a humiliating $77 million loss over the past financial year.

According to Semafor media industry editor Max Tani, the paper’s CEO and publisher, Will Lewis, told staff that it plans to incorporate AI across the company.

Tani reported:

Washington Post CEO Will Lewis is introing the paper’s new “Build It” plan today. In a meeting with staff, he noted that the paper lost $77 million over the past year, and saw a 50% drop off in audience since 2020: “To be direct, we are in a hole, and we have been for some time.”

Lewis says the says the three pillars of the new strategy are: great journalism, happy customers, and making money: “If we’re doing things that don’t meet all three…we should stop doing that.” He adds that the company will also be looking for ways to use AI in its journalism.

AI is a major component of the Post’s internal strategy announcement today. WaPo’s chief tech officer told staff that going forward, the paper has to have “AI everywhere in our newsroom.” Lewis says the company is focused on growing subscriptions organically

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