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The Knives Come out Immediately for Nikki Haley After Presidential Campaign Announcement


Well, that didn’t take long. On the same day that Nikki Haley officially announced she was running for president, mainstream media outlets were ready and waiting with a series of ridiculous attacks.

Politico led the way with a story entitled “Nikki Haley’s complicated racial dance,” painting Haley as a fake minority who really wants to be white. No, I’m not kidding.

Haley is Indian, yet she has faced accusations of whitewashing her heritage for years. The most farcical attack surrounds her usage of the name Nikki. According to the left, that proves she didn’t want to use her more Indian-sounding name due to a deep desire to be white. In reality, Nikki is a traditional Punjabi name and is Haley’s legal middle name, which she has gone by since birth.

As to Politico’s claim that there’s something nefarious about Haley selecting “white” on a voter registration card, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. Those cards often do not provide detailed racial segmentations to check. Because of that, Indians have been known to select “white” instead of “black” or some other non-matching, uncommon descriptor. For example, in an analysis of 1990 census data, 25 percent of Indians selected “white” as their ethnicity while 5 percent selected “black.” Those differences were probably due to physical appearance, and the skin tones of Indians can vary wildly.

hings get dumber, though. According to CNN, Haley doesn’t just deny her race, but she’s also a racist herself because she showed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The 1619 Project in her announcement ad.

Yes, Dana, it’s a real mystery why Haley would feature the face of the Democratic Party in an ad touting her desire to change the political direction of the country. Perhaps a full investigation could reveal her true, obviously racist motives. Conversely, Ocasio-Cortez is a radical who is constantly elevated by networks like CNN, making her a prime target for any Republican.

And did I miss a new rule implementation barring the mentioning of the 1619 Project, a grossly ahistorical piece of Critical Race Theory that has gained widespread popularity in mainstream culture? Because I’m pretty sure the Nicole Hannah-Jones grift is perfectly fair game given its being featured on major streaming platforms and is obsessed over by the traditional press.

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