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An Update on Computer Store Owner And Hunter Biden’s Laptop


We are approaching the second anniversary marking the day that John Paul Mac Isaac was revealed to the public as the man who had Hunter Biden’s laptop. The Gentlemen of the Duran were commenting on the laptop the other day and I offered to introduce them to the heroic Mr. Mac Isaac. They made a most gracious invitation and J.P. readily accepted.

If you want to know why J.P. is a genuine hero, watch this podcast of The Duran. You really get a chance to know J.P. and to understand why he is a person of great integrity. And the two Alexanders, as always, are professional hosts and expert interviewers.

J.P filed a lawsuit against Twitter for falsely smearing him as a Russian agent. The judge, an Obama appointee, tossed the case and ordered J.P. to pay $175,000 in court costs. So much for a fair judicial system. Anyway, J.P. has a give-send-go page where he is raising money to pay the fine.

The good news

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