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Biden promises to funnel more money to Chinese communists for climate change


Thanks to his commitment to the Democratic Party’s climate cult, President Joe Biden is now pledging to pass money through the United Nations to the Chinese Communist Party.

On Thursday, Biden promised to send $1 billion in taxpayer money to the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund. The corrupt bureaucrats at the U.N., who are increasingly beholden to the CCP, consider China to be a developing country. Therefore, that $1 billion can be funneled to China.

This would be at least the second time in the past few months that Biden promised to help the U.N. funnel American taxpayer dollars to the Chinese Communist Party. Biden previously agreed that the U.S. should pay “climate reparations,” even without the commitment that China, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, would contribute to the fund. Instead, because the U.N. classifies China as a developing country, China would be eligible for those “reparations” payments as well.

This is normal for the U.N., which lets China sit on the Human Rights Committee and turned over the World Health Organization to Chinese propaganda at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is also normal for Biden and his administration, which has prioritized placating China so the administration can get its preferred climate change policies while pretending that climate change is going to destroy the world.

Take John Kerry, the former secretary of state serving as Biden’s climate czar, who thinks that China’s genocide of the Uyghurs should be ignored because China makes solar panels. Or take Biden himself, who has a long history of soft-pedaling the CCP (“a rising China is a positive development” and “they’re not bad folks”) and a longer history of dubious financial ties to Chinese companies.

The fact that this is unsurprising doesn’t make it any less abhorrent. The U.N. should be receiving no money from American taxpayers, given that the organization is rotten to its very core. That is especially true when everyone knows that climate change money laundered through the U.N. ends up in the pockets of the CCP. And yet here we are, with China continuing to feed off the Democratic Party’s climate change fearmongering.

Biden, as usual, has no problem with China benefiting at the expense of the public. After all, what’s another billion between climate change allies and business partners?

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