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Democrats continue to bleed black voters they take for granted

Democrats are once again worrying about demographics in elections as they keep being brought to the reality that future melanin levels don’t guarantee the election wins they have fantasized about.

President Joe Biden won 90% of black voters in 2020, but a Fox News poll earlier this month found him leading much more narrowly with black voters against former President Donald Trump in a rematch, with a lead of just 74% to 26%. A more recent Quinnipiac University poll put Biden’s job approval among black voters at 65%. Biden has been losing the support of black voters, as well as Hispanic voters, “across ages, genders and education levels” compared to 2020.

To top off the panic, a Democratic data firm recently released a report on black support for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections. The report found that Democrats lost more support among Generation Z and millennial black voters from 2020 to 2022 than any other generation. Black men, regardless of marital status, also had substantial drops in support. Suburban and rural black voters and black voters without college degrees also bled away from the Democratic Party between election cycles.

Democrats have for years fancied themselves the party of demographic destiny, bragging of their vise grip on minority voters and young voters whom they have taken for granted. Instead, today’s Democratic Party is the party of upper-class, highly educated, mostly white, unmarried women. The party is obsessively focused on abortion and forcing taxpayers to pay for the student loans of predominantly wealthy white college graduates and postgraduates.

Meanwhile, it only performatively panders to minority voters, whether by changing the Spanish language to be more “inclusive” or by offering token minority politicians who are both incompetent and unlikable. (Hello, Vice President Kamala Harris.) Meanwhile, the effects of inflation as well as Democratic tolerance of crime have made life for black voters worse, and an increasing number of them are reminding the party that life circumstances matter more to their votes than skin color.

This demographic shift has been occurring steadily under the nose of Democrats for several years now, and their solution has only been to embrace even more pandering and racial obsession rather than work to make the lives of everyday black voters better. Republicans need to continue to step up and fill the void Democrats have left and remind everyone in the process that dividing people based on skin color is not going to, and should not, determine the future of the country.

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