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Kamala Harris awkwardly admits she is anti-life


You can picture the scene in the vice president’s writing room as they worked onKamala Harris’s abortion speech.

“We should do some patriotic-sounding stuff.”

“How about ‘America is a promise of freedom and liberty for all!’”

“Great. Sounds like the Declaration of Independence. Let’s quote that, too!”

“Good call.”

“Let’s go with, ‘America is a promise we made in the Declaration of Independence that all men — AND WOMEN — are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”


“We can cut the ‘creator’ part obviously.”

“Yeah, Sarah, that’s not the only problem.”

“Ohhh, I see what you mean. Should we drop the whole declaration thing. I mean, Jefferson is really problematic.”

“No, let’s just drop the creator and the life stuff.”


That’s how I imagine we got this:

Yes, Harris gave a speech defending abortion, and she deliberately omitted the declaration’s guarantee of an inalienable right to life. Why? Because if you admit that humans have a right to life, then it becomes pretty hard to defend terminating living humans before they are born.

Harris was trying to argue not only that aborting humans is fine but that
is “a fundamental right, a basic freedom.” Accordingly, she had to erase the “life” part from her citation of the declaration.

Maybe the explanation is this simple: Harris is really bad with words.

The abortion speech, though, was a written speech. She and her speechwriters were intentional in excising the right to life. Maybe it was simply that they knew it would sound really bad, which it would, to praise the “right to life” in a defense of abortion.

But maybe this is a deliberate new speech rule on the Left.

The entire Left is on a kick of rewriting history and policing language. You’ll recall recently that the House Pro Choice Caucus
that “choice” was “harmful” language. It will be interesting to watch if “right to life” has been deemed harmful language and if Democrats start excising that from their rhetoric from now on — and if the news media follow suit.

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