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Laughable Media Excuses for Kamala’s Word Salad Woes Begin as ‘Liability’ Concerns Grow


Vice President Kamala Harris’ penchant for uttering awkward and embarrassing word salads at her public speaking engagements is so well-known that not even the Democrat apologists at The Daily Show were able to ignore it, posting a “Veep reboot” of sorts back in October that one could not help but laugh at.

Here we are several months after that inconvenient acknowledgment of her communication woes from one of her staunchest supporters, with Joe Biden officially announcing the start of their reelection campaign. So it only seems fitting that some of Harris’ most stalwart defenders in the press are trying to rise to the occasion in an effort to wildly spin her communication woes as a plus – all while insulting our intelligence by suggesting that she still manages to get her message through and is able to “connect powerfully” with her audiences.

For instance, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote about how Haris would need to “walk a tightrope” during the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, making one lame excuse after another for why her vice presidency has been a disaster over two years into the job:

And when vice presidents are given actual tasks, they tend to be the impossible ones. Biden put Harris in charge of the border — at a time when there was absolutely no possibility of getting Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that might reduce the flow of would-be migrants. It was a classic no-win situation: She could make a show of raising hopes, which then would be dashed; or she could hunker down and keep expectations low. Either way, she was bound to be criticized for having failed.

Later, Robinson declared that “as the first woman and first Black and South Asian American to serve as vice president, Harris was destined to be held to an impossible standard” because no pro-Kamala column would be complete without the prominent placement of the race card.

Look, this is not rocket science. Kamala Harris is not in the position she’s in because of any great talent she supposedly has as an alleged great communicator and effective politician; she’s there because woke Democrats demanded that then-Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden pick a woman of color as his running mate as a condition for their support.

And though I wouldn’t have agreed with any of them from a political standpoint – and probably would not have cared for them from a personal standpoint, there were other black women Biden could have picked who had more experience with the necessary particulars to serve as vice president than Harris.

But he ended up choosing Harris, one in a long line of poor decisions he made both as a presidential candidate and then president, something he reportedly figured out very early on not long after they were inaugurated.

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