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National Women’s Law Center Sides Against The Female Athletes Suing NCAA For Trans Insanity


The National “Women’s” Law Center (NWLC) has petitioned a federal court in Georgia to intervene as a defendant in the blockbuster case of 16 college female athletes against the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Gaines, et al. v. NCAA, et al.

In a direct slam to NCAA President Charlie Baker’s crackpot legal team, the NWLC boasts in a May 6 filing that it alone can save the day for trans-identifying males like Lia Thomas and allow them to continue competing in women’s college sports:

Whereas none of the existing parties to this case can adequately defend the claims at issue in this suit, NWLC can.

By petitioning the court to take the side against female athletes, the NWLC commits the ultimate hypocrisy. “Transwomen are Women” is the self-righteous trope it proclaims as it crusades to elevate males who desire to be females as the new “women.”

Established in the heyday of the 1970s women’s rights movement, this activist institution has for decades operated as if it owns the turf of women’s rights. But the 21st-century version of the NWLC has sold out women to the radical left’s gender ideology agenda, elevating protections based on “identity” and erasing women’s rights based on sex.

Today, the NWLC aggressively promotes legal rights for males who feel like women to claim female status. In this new “sisterhood,” the rights of women to the safety and privacy of sex-separated spaces, including women’s locker rooms, domestic violence shelters, and prisons, are eradicated. And women’s sports? They become dominated by mediocre male athletes who “feminize” their appearance with hopes of acceptance in the girl’s club, while they crush their female competition to claim championships.

Responding to the nonsense that a man who wants to be a woman can actually become one, Riley Gaines, the University of

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