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Prince Harry’s Memoir Perfectly Illustrates The Elite’s Obsession With Self-Victimization


In what was billed as the most-anticipated book release of the year — and what was, in reality, one of the least-anticipated — Prince Harry’s new memoir, “Spare,” came out this past week.

The title refers to the idea of “an heir and a spare,” a pithy way of saying that firstborn sons, as the heir in a primogeniture system, are viewed as more important than their younger siblings. According to the memoir, this was something King Charles III referenced jokingly to his then-wife Diana upon Harry’s birth and has shadowed his life to this day. The controversial 400-plus-page book is an insufferable tale of chronic victimhood juxtaposed with ridiculous privilege. It is replete with pathetic attempts at earning the audience’s sympathy while simultaneously showing why that feeling is undeserved.

The constant whining and woe-is-me talk comes off as absurd when contrasted with the reality of the situations he describes. For instance, the Duke of Sussex repeatedly wrote of his need to flee Britain during his life, as his royal duties and the public attention that goes along with them were simply too much to bear. Where did poor Harry go to avoid the paparazzi? Did he hide away somewhere inconspicuous? In his telling, he went on ski vacations to Switzerland and Kazakhstan, safaris in Africa, or just to his good friend Elton John’s house on the French Riveria. Sounds like a terrible ordeal.

What about when he had to leave Britain permanently due to the familial falling-out that definitely was not his fault and the deep dislike his American wife inspired in the British press? Surely, leaving your taxpayer-funded royal home must be an unfortunate dislocation that requires some real struggle, right? Well, when you end up using Tyler Perry’s multimillion-dollar Los Angeles compound free of charge, it’s

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