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Project Veritas Targets Pfizer Scientist in Latest Sting Video


Project Veritas has released another investigative video — this time showing a senior executive from the Pfizer pharmaceutical company in charge of research and development talking about the possibility of deliberately mutating the virus in order to develop new vaccines in anticipation of the emergence of new variants.

The video shows a man who is identified as Jordon Trishton Walker, “Pzifer Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning,” having what appear to be several conversations in a bar or restaurant. He is seen describing efforts by Pfizer to deal with the problem of coronavirus variants that elude the vaccine.

One effort that he suggests the company has considered — though not implemented — is the deliberate creation of new viral mutations that can be anticipated in new vaccines, though he notes the ethical challenges that such an effort would face. He notes that there is a risk any new variant could escape the laboratory, and seems to believe that that is what happened in China when the coronavirus pandemic began in 2019.

The video includes commentary by a man identified as Dr. Robert Malone, who appears onscreen to claim that Walker has “no moral compass” — though it is not clear what qualifies Malone to draw that conclusion.

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