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Republicans push back as Democrats seek to blame Pelosi attack on GOP


Democrats were quick to blame the GOP for the vicious attack on Paul Pelosi without mentioning the rising tide of violence this year against conservative targets, prompting Republicans to jog the memories of their colleagues across the aisle.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel pushed back Sunday as Democrats and media outlets sought to connect GOP ads vilifying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the Friday attack on her husband at their San Francisco home by a hammer-wielding assailant.

Ms. McDaniel pointed out that political violence is a two-way street, citing the June arrest of a man charged with attempting to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and the attack on New York Rep. Lee Zeldin at a July campaign stop in his gubernatorial run.

“I think this is a deranged individual. You can’t say people saying, ‘Let’s fire Pelosi’ or ‘Let’s take back the House’ is saying ‘Go do violence.’ It’s just unfair,” Ms. McDaniel said on “Fox News Sunday.” “And I think we all need to recognize violence is up across the board. Lee Zeldin was attacked. We had an assassination attempt against Brett Kavanaugh.”

Mr. Pelosi, 82, was recovering Sunday after undergoing surgery for a fractured skull sustained in

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