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Sorry, media, the great reset is real


When conservatives pushed back last week on a Democratic plan to ban gas stoves, the Left and its media allies jumped into action. We were told that no one is banning gas stoves and also that said stoves should be banned. Oh, and that this is just another conspiracy theory cooked up by conservatives for their culture war.

Now let’s fly over to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum.

Media outlets are now labeling the forum’s “Great Reset” ideas for post-pandemic growth as a bizarre conspiracy cooked up by online trolls. One problem? It’s actually very real. The Great Reset has been a focal issue for the WEF and its global allies for years now. Still, the media are attempting to neutralize any criticism of the WEF or its ideas and tactics — or its leader, Klaus Schwab, a man who looks like he should be running around an ’80s action movie screaming about “Diplomatic Immunity!”

The media are labeling several ideas born out of the WEF as online conspiracies — ideas such as replacing cattle meat with insects
and artificial proteins, for example. A popularized slogan of “Own Nothing. Be Happy” has become an online meme and
labeled a conspiracy
theory against the WEF. However, it was posted on the WEF website by Ida Auken, a member of the Danish Folketing. The post has since been removed, which has enabled media to claim that it started in internet forums instead.

Or take the Associated Press, which had the headline: “As elites arrive in Davos, conspiracy theories thrive online.” It continued, “Now, in increasingly mainstream corners of the internet and on conservative talk shows, ‘The Great Reset’ has become shorthand for what skeptics say is a reorganization of society, using global uncertainty as a guise to take away rights. Believers argue that measures including pandemic lockdowns and vaccine mandates are tools to consolidate power and undercut individual sovereignty.”

Except, that’s a pretty accurate description of Schwab and the WEF’s goals. Don’t take my word for it — ia podcast.

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