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Where It’s Most & Least Common To Be LGBT+


Where It’s Most & Least Common To Be LGBT+

Around seven percent of adults identify as LGBT+, according to a survey conducted online in 43 countries between April 2023 and March 2024 by Statista Consumer Insights.

The Philippines, the United States and Israel had the highest share of people identifying as LGBT+, at 11 percent each, while Thailand and Canada came in a close joint second place with 10 percent of adults, followed by Sweden, Brazil and Australia, each with 9 percent. When looking at sexual orientation in the U.S., 3 percent of respondents identified as gay, 6 percent as bisexual and one percent pansexual.

At the lower end of the spectrum comes South Korea and Romania with 3 percent of adults identifying as LGBT+ in each. There was also considerable variation across age groups. In the U.S. for example, 20 percent of Gen Zers self-identified as a part of the LGBT+ community versus 11 percent of Millennials, 6 percent of Gen Xers and only 5 percent among Baby Boomers.

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