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Antisemite, pro-terrorist Rashida Tlaib does not belong in Congress

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) isn’t just an antisemite. She is, simply put, pro-terrorist, and there is no reason she should be a member of Congress.

The claim that Israel launched an air strike against a hospital in Gaza and killed 500 people was a fraud. It was a claim pushed by the very Hamas terrorists that slaughtered 1,400 civilians in Israel and held some 200 hostages, with Americans included in both numbers. It was adopted uncritically by liberal media outlets who claim they care about fighting “misinformation.” In reality, it was a rocket that hit a parking lot next to a hospital and almost certainly didn’t kill 500 people.

More important, the rocket was launched by Palestinians. But liberal media immediately blamed the Jews based on the word of Hamas terrorists whose stated goal is to kill Jews. It all reeks of antiemitism.

To no surprise, that means Tlaib and other congressional antisemites, such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), were quick to also blame the Jews. And yet, with the real story now plainly clear to everyone, Tlaib refuses to apologize for her blood libel. In fact, she decided to embrace more of it, accusing Israel of genocide and President Joe Biden of the same for backing Israel against the terrorist animals that slaughtered Americans and other civilians. She whined that pro-terrorist law students at colleges were losing their job offers for being pro-terrorist.

She even broke down in tears, repeating the lie that Israel bombed the hospital. She had nothing to say when Palestinian terrorists raped, abducted, and beheaded civilians, but she sheds her tears on behalf of terrorist propaganda over a missile that Palestinians were hoping would kill more civilians in Israel.

Omar may be a virulent antisemite, but even she had the self-respect to blame the Associated Press for her blood libel. The bar is so low that it is ten feet under the ground, and yet Tlaib found a way to go lower. There is no reasonable conclusion from her actions and her words (including the regular lies about Israeli “violence” against Palestinians) than that Tlaib is pro-terrorist. She is pro-Hamas and is totally fine with smearing Jews with lies while happily ignoring every Palestinian attempt to murder civilians, whether it be with rockets, knives, or gun-wielding paragliders.

Tlaib does not belong in Congress.

Every day, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and all his colleagues should be asked if they agree and if they are okay with a member of their caucus embracing the lies and propaganda of a terrorist organization that killed 30 Americans among the 1,400 civilians that it slaughtered just two weeks ago. And if they aren’t, they should be asked why they are not recruiting a primary candidate against her who isn’t pro-terrorist.

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