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Liberals Cooking the Books: Why Republicans Always Come up Short


Elections, like corporations, have books everyone can see to make an election or investment decision.

Corporations have a cash flow report, balance sheet, income statement, and the supporting material needed to properly inform an investor.  If these don’t match, hundreds of Wall Street types immediately pick up on it.  It is possible to make a bad investment decision, but if a company publishes deliberately false financials, the CEO and CFO visit the clink.

Remember Sarbanes-Oxley?  You can bet every public company CEO does.

Election records begin with the voter registry.

A voter, candidate, election official or a curious person with too much time on their hands can review these.  They are usually available to candidates and political parties; sometimes costing thousands of dollars — sometimes free.  Depends on the state.

Republicans don’t understand there are two sets of books. One set we just noted – election rolls — everyone sees.

The hidden set of books contains the ballot and phantom and address inventory.

These three ingredients win elections.

NGOs, leftist entities like homeless shelters, churches, and other groups sponsor registration drives whose registrants are frequently people of no known address who will depart the area shortly after their registration is complete.

Remember ACORN? That made national headlines.  A few people got dinged but the rest changed organizations and went back to work.

We ran the voter registration rolls against church addresses in a dozen states and found thousands of people registered at a church in which it was clear there was no place to sleep.

The leftist objective is not to build an army of homeless and get them into civics, it is rather to create an inventory of identities who never vote.

It’s important that they never vote — or if they do, their manager fills in the ballot. If one of our vagrants shows up at a polling place to cast a vote and is told “…sorry pal, you already voted!” it invites scrutiny. Bad for the system!

Leftists and Republicans both see the same names on the voter list, but Leftists know which ones are phantoms — long gone from that address yet accumulating a ballot every election.

If the election is close, the leftists can do the right thing and vote them. It’s a good citizen thing.

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