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The Left Is Trying to Destroy the Supreme Court Because They Can’t Control It


The left and its kapos within the Republican party, who tried to portray the demonstration at the US Capitol on January 6 as some sort of “insurrection” (SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t), are now hard at work carrying out their own assault on the US Constitution. Their target is the US Supreme Court. Their method is attempting the personal destruction of the Justices blocking their crusade to destroy the nation and delegitimize the Supreme Court as an institution.

Justice Clarence Thomas Targeted

The focal point of the attack is Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas has drawn their ire for several reasons. First, he survived the first iteration of what has become standard practice for the left during Supreme Court confirmation hearings. That, of course, was the bizarre, nearly psychotic testimony of Anita Hill accusing Clarence Thomas of “sexual harassment.”

We’ve since seen this tactic used on Brett Kavanaugh. (Relatedly, they are launching a second go at the fraudulent allegations made against Justice Kavanaugh.) Thomas’ real sin was not offending a deranged harpy who’d hitched herself to his star; it was being a Black man who had worked diligently to succeed and, like economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell, experienced the “help” inflicted on Black families and communities by the Federal government since LBJ’s “Great Society.”

The left has never forgiven Thomas for surviving their attacks and has launched new rounds against him and his wife, Ginni, regularly throughout the years.

The current opening to curtail the ability of the Supreme Court to safeguard freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution kicked off with a hit piece in the progressive outlet “ProPublica” headlined Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire.

It is the typical long-on insinuations, short-on facts, smear that leftist media specializes in. It accused Thomas of accepting perhaps millions of dollars in undisclosed gifts, which, in return, gave billionaire Harlan Crow backdoor influence in Supreme Court decisions. The allegations are balderdash. To their credit, a letter signed by all the Supreme Court Justices debunks the allegations and sets the record straight on disclosure requirements.

The incident forced Chief Justice into the unenviable position of declining an invitation to testify before a Senate committee allegedly looking into Supreme Court ethics regulations (Chief Justice Roberts Says No Thanks to Dick Durbin, Won’t Testify at Supreme Court Ethics Hearing) but seemed more interested in trying to force the resignation of Justice Thomas; see Senate Introduces Code of Conduct Bill for Supreme Court as Democrats Call for Thomas Resignation.

Justice Neil Gorsuch Hit by Scurrilous Allegations

Don’t think Justice Thomas is the only target. A ridiculous attack was mounted on Justice Neil Goresuch for belonging to a partnership that owned a parcel of land in Colorado. My friend and former RedState contributor Thomas Crown, who is an actual lawyer, took that slander apart using Politico’s own documents.

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