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Biden’s new border ‘magic trick’ welcomes would-be illegal immigrants


Maria Esperanza Diaz Ruiz had expected to pay a smuggler to get across the U.S.-Mexico border. Then she learned the Biden administration’s new program would let her walk in for free, as long as she had a tale of woe from back home.

She’s one of the migrants who’s taking advantage of a new Biden policy that’s converting illegal immigrants into legal “parolees,” giving them a work permit and a foothold in America, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which observed Ms. Diaz Ruiz and others coming across.

“This is real,” she told the center’s Todd Bensman. “This is not a magic trick.”

Her justification for gaining parole into the U.S. is that she says she worked for a Nicaraguan government official who was homosexual. Her ex-husband threatened both her and her boss, she told Mr. Bensman.

“I had to leave because I would be killed,” she said.

Armed with documents and a criminal background check, she joined a group of roughly two-dozen migrants who were entered into America’s border authorities’ system, driven to the border crossing between Mexicali and Calexico, California, and turned over to U.S. authorities.

Mr. Bensman got unfettered access to Mexico’s side of

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