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Comer cancels Wray contempt proceeding after FBI agrees to release document to panel for review


The FBI will now allow all House Oversight and Accountability Committee members to review a document alleging that President Biden engaged in a $5 million bribery scheme when he was vice president during the Obama administration.

Chairman James Comer, Kentucky Republican, Wednesday night, responded to the bureau’s statement and said the panel’s expected Thursday proceeding to hold FBI Director Christopher A. Wray in contempt for withholding the unclassified document from the committee is now removed from the schedule.

After weeks of battling with the FBI over getting custody of a document known as an FD-1023 form, GOP committee members, led by Mr. Comer, managed to convince the bureau to allow all members of the panel to review the record and receive a briefing.

Additionally, the FBI is making two additional documents referenced in the FD-1023 available for Mr. Comer and Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, Maryland Democrat, to review.

“The FBI has caved and is now allowing all members of the Oversight and Accountability Committee to review this unclassified record that memorializes a confidential human source’s conversations with a foreign national who claimed to have bribed then-Vice President Joe Biden,” Mr. Comer said in a statement.

“Americans have lost

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