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The White House Says the Economy is Booming, Then Why Are You Worse Off? Here’s Why…


The economy is booming, and “Bidenomics is working,” the White House claimed, but most Americans are struggling as if it were the 1970s again.

Here is how they are intentionally misrepresenting the numbers to make the economy look better than you know it is.

In 2021, when the U.S. loosened up the lockdowns, the economy shot up, reaching a GDP growth of 5.9%. So technically, yes, under Biden, the economy soared, but it was only because the economy went negative when Fauci locked it down.

It had nowhere to go but up, and both the crash and the alleged growth were artificially caused by government policies. Despite experiencing just one exceptional year of stellar growth, and subsequent normalization of GDP, the four-year average remains exceptionally high due to that one remarkable year.

Moreover, with only three years of available data, including 2021’s 5.9% growth, 2022’s 1.9%, and 2023’s 2.5%, the average growth rate stands at 3.43%, and Biden gets to claim 71% better growth than the usual average of 2%.

Inflation statistics are another area where the White House is playing games. U.S. inflation has been the worst under Biden than it has been

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