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Biden’s Delusions About Himself and Hunter Are on Full Display During MSNBC Interview


We reported on Friday that Joe Biden said, “I’m doing a major press conference this afternoon, so I love you all, but I’d like to ask you to leave.” Notice the shot there — “I love you all” — when what he truly means is the opposite. But as CNN’s John King noted, that was “news to us” because there was no major press conference. Indeed, he’s been ducking any true press conference. The only thing that we have seen that even pretends to be a press conference was when he had a joint presser with the South Korean president and answered a few questions, getting caught with an answer to a question ahead of time.

It turns out what Biden might have meant was that he was doing an interview with MSNBC. I don’t know how a fluff ball interview with MSNBC qualifies are a “major press conference,” but this is Joe Biden, so we’re talking about someone delusional to start with.

That delusion was on full display during the interview with host Stephanie Ruhle on “The 11th Hour.” Ruhle did ask him why Americans should think that an 82-year-old was the right guy for the “most important job in the world.” Biden’s response was just laughable.

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