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Billionaire Democrat Mike Bloomberg tried to fund Philly election workers in 2020


Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg offered to pour millions of dollars into the Philadelphia election office to pay for poll workers and other election-related expenses during the 2020 election, new emails reveal.

The offer from Mr. Bloomberg, a news media and financial services mogul who ranks among the richest men in the world,  was arranged through an intermediary — Stanford Law School Professor Nathaniel Persily, according to the emails. At the time, Mr. Persily was co-director of the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project, which worked with local officials to help them carry out the 2020 elections amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. He asked Philadelphia officials to provide a list of funding they needed to carry out the election.

In emails obtained by nonprofit research and news outlet Broad and Liberty, Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Nick Custodio told Mr. Persily in an August 2020 email that the city could use an additional $3,074,900 from Mr. Bloomberg to run the upcoming presidential election.

The money was requested after Philadelphia officials had already made a $10 million grant request, which it eventually received, from the Center for Tech and Civic Life. The CTCL was a repository for millions in funding from anonymous

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