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In Latest Attempt To Undermine SCOTUS, Politico Launches Baseless Attack On Justices’ Working Spouses


The corporate media and leftist activists have been engaged in a non-stop effort to undermine the public’s trust in the Supreme Court as the court moves in a more conservative and originalist direction. Politico recently published a hit piece criticizing the justices for not disclosing their working spouses’ clients in their annual financial disclosure form, claiming that by not disclosing these clients, the justices have heightened serious conflict of interest concerns about their participation in cases.

But these concerns are nonsense. The justices are required to disclose the same amount of information about their spouses as are members of Congress and executive branch officials. The left never had a problem with previous liberal justices not disclosing the clients of a spouse, but now Politico wants justices to live by a higher standard than any other public official. It’s unnecessary and unfair.

Politico first attacks Justice Amy Coney Barrett for not disclosing her husband’s clients at his law firm on her financial disclosure form, but Barrett complied with all legal requirements, and no other justice has previously disclosed a spouse’s clients. Jesse Barrett’s law firm does not have a Supreme Court practice nor has his firm ever represented a client before the Supreme Court.

Politico then spends much of its article unfairly attacking Jane Roberts, the wife of Chief Justice John Roberts, who works at a legal recruiting/placement firm. According to Politico’s reporting, Ms. Roberts has placed lawyers at law firms that have Supreme Court practices, and she is paid a percentage by the law firm of the recruited lawyer’s first year of compensation.

Jane Roberts’ lawyer recruiting and placement work doesn’t trigger any recusal issue under the relevant law. She is not a party to litigation nor a lawyer appearing before the court, and there is no suggestion that she

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